Description from Kickstarter page:

Welcome to the world of Scissor Sisters, a fantastical reality where the time stream is a living and well-traveled path between wheres and whens. We think you’ll like it here, and we’d love for you to stay, check the place out and help us fund printing of this massive, sweeping story.

Last Summer, with the help of 102 generous Backers, we successfully funded Scissor Sisters, a 128-page graphic novel – the story of Candi and Ash, a pair of women separated by millennia but whose love is an inevitability. They are thrown together in the least likely of times and places and hunted by The Continuum, a cross-time conspiracy of the elite and the sinister deeply frightened of the destiny of the couple they refer to as The Sisters.

We loved it so much – and got so much terrific feedback on it – that we decided to continue the story in the 54-page graphic novel, Scissor Sisters: Swan Song. This new volume follows the time-tripping assassin Cygnet, vanquished by the Sisters to ancient times in our first chapter, her only ally a friend of one of the Sisters. Faced with traitors to her wicked Master, Cygnet must steal a powerful mask to repair her time-traveling armor and resume her quest to fulfill her mission and destroy the Sisters.

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