I met Gian Paolo Daldello about a life ago.
At that time, we both worked in the same shop, photo/video departement. While I was a total newbie, he was the master of photography and fine art prints.
He taught me everything he could [and, well, I literally bombarded him with tons of questions], transmitting me the Holy Grail of digital cameras.

In that days started a true friendship, and even if I moved in another city, the shop has formally rolling down the shutters and we have both changed work, we try to stay in contact and meet each other when it’s possible.

It is exactly last time I get back to the City of Fog and Traffic [formerly: Milan] that Gian Paolo surprised me with this present:
[1] Gian Paolo Daldello Fine Art Prints

An amazing print of one of my last year drawings, Sci-Fi: Blasting Reality since 1927.
[2] Gian Paolo Daldello Fine Art PrintsThe impact is stunning. Illustration seems drawn directly on rough canvas and assembled on concrete wooden chassis.
[4] Gian Paolo Daldello Fine Art Prints
Contrast and levels of color are enhanced by the careful and thorough work of Gianpaolo [don’t know why, I visualize him at work as a sort of ancient ink-wizard :)]
[3] Gian Paolo Daldello Fine Art PrintsResult is way better than the original ^^

The pleasure of having in your hands a drawing [or a photo] printed with this kind of quality is something a cold, digital monitor can never give you.
Yeah, it could seem a lowest level advertisement, but the reality is that I’m a true estimator of Gian Paolo‘s works.

You can find other information about he and his job at:

Meanwhile, print dominate my humble drawing room 🙂
[studio] Gian Paolo Daldello Fine Art Prints